The Saddle Savers Story

Keep Your Saddle looking like new with style.
It’s never been easier, or more stylish, to keep your English saddle in good condition and maintain its value. Simply slip Britonne Saddle Savers over your stirrup irons to prevent the scratches and abrasions that would otherwise be inevitable from transporting your saddle. Even if you use a saddle cover, it doesn’t stop your stirrup irons from moving when you carry your saddle and this is what causes the scratches.
Each pair of Saddle Savers is thoughtfully crafted by a horse owner for horse owners. Durable fleece on the outside makes contact with the saddle pillow-soft. On the inside, cotton or nylon makes collecting and discarding dust and dirt easy. Super-strength stitching and a sturdy pull cord make securing Saddle Savers around your stirrup irons fast and pain-free.  No twisting, no wrapping, no sweat. They’re easy to clean: just toss into a cold, gentle wash cycle (no bleach) and tumble dry on low.
Not only are Saddle Savers practical, they can perfectly reflect the spirit and style of you and your horse. Choose from a multitude of colors and fabric combinations – from funky and fun to classic and elegant. Are you part of an equestrian team, club, or organization? Make Saddle Savers a beautifully eye-catching component of your regalia. They can easily be customized with your colors and embroidered logo. Click here for more details and to place a special order.
Once you’re ready for your ride, you can slip Saddle Savers off and use them to carry keys, cell phones, snacks, bug spray, or whatever will make your time with your horse more enjoyable. Turn them inside out to protect horseshoe studs and spurs.
Imagine, for just a few dollars, you can keep your saddle as beautiful as the day you purchased it, and add a bit more elegance, color and fun to you and your horse’s life.  Now that’s a smart investment!
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