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Thank you for your interest in Britonne Saddle Savers; they represent the joy and peace I find in horsemanship, and my love of beauty and function.

You see, I initially made Saddle Savers strictly for my own use. I was so proud of my first English saddle purchase that I wanted to keep it as immaculate as the first time it graced my Palomino, Touched by Stardust. But then, in the process of transferring it from Touched by Stardust to the rack, I noticed the stirrup irons were already scratching the leather. I was so dismayed! I invested hundreds of dollars in my saddle, but wear and tear was immediately setting in! I tried wrapping the stirrup irons with a sock, but that was unwieldy and not very attractive, to say the least.
That’s when inspiration struck. I put my design and sewing skills to work to create something that could be secured around the stirrup fast and removed just as quickly: it had to be easy to wash and dry, functional and super sturdy. And, yes, it had to look beautiful!  After a few prototypes, Saddle Savers emerged. Not only did this easy-to-use, durable tool perfectly protect my saddle, it became a stylish place to store my wallet, keys, snacks and cellphone when I was riding. Turned inside out, they turned out to be perfect for storing and protecting my horseshoe studs and spurs.
I never intended my invention to spark interest, but my Saddle Savers quickly caught the attention of fellow horse owners who soon were asking for their own.
Today, each pair of Saddle Savers is handcrafted in South Carolina with the goal of helping you protect your saddle investment. I hope Saddle Savers enhances your riding experience just as it has mine by making your time with your horse even more fun and carefree.
Lanie Hovelle
President and CEO
Britonne Saddle Savers
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